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-Sleeps (2) people (including up to 1 child)

-1 Double bed
-Free WiFi
-Free self parking
-Pet Friendly

-Sleep (1) people

-1 Twin bed
-Free WiFi
-Free self parking
-Pet Friendly

-Sleeps (3) people (including up to 1 child)

-3 twin beds
-Free WiFi
-Free self parking
-Pet Friendly

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“Habitaciones limpias y agradables y comida muy deliciosa. Pero lo mejor es la calidez de los propietarios. Son increíblemente amables y hablan un inglés perfecto. Te sientes muy bien aquí por la amabilidad.
¡Fue realmente agradable aquí!¡Le deseo lo mejor a toda la familia! :)”

– Yannick Schöps.

The Hostal Restaurant & Bar

let's explore the world with amazing food

Spanish Christmas Sweets

Tronco de Chocolate is a chocolate log, a sponge square rolled around a mixture of chocolate fondant and cream, and very festive. There’ll also be a platter of Polverones, Mantecados and Turron nougat, those crumbling Almond based sweets, they’re quite dry though so you’ll need a one glass of that Spanish Cava.

Spanish cheese & charcuterie platter

An assortment of Spanish cheeses such as Manchego, Valdeon, Torta del Cezar, Torta de la Serena, and Torta de Trujillo. Iberico ham, Serrano ham. Chorizo, Spanish olives, Marcona almonds, Roasted peppers and Roasted tomatoes.


Traditional Venezuelan Christmas food

Include ‘Hallacas’ – a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, capers, raisins, and olives that is wrapped in maize and plantain leaves and tied up with string into a parcel and then boiled or steamed afterwards; the Pan de Jamón – a type of bread that’s made with puff pastry, filled up with ham, raisins, olives and bacon and shaped. Chicken Salad and Pernil (a leg of pork).


Venezuelan Empanadas have a crisp crust and tender inner texture. The ULTIMATE finger food…perfect to any occasion!